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Ruben Diaz Sr.'s Con Game and Council Run



Democracy in Bronx County is dead, broken and undemocratic. Corrupt incumbents have mastered the art of printing or forging phony signatures of actual registered voters onto new democratic petition forms to get themselves to qualify on the democratic ballot along with a string of bogus Bronx County Committee members.  

This list of Bronx members turn out to be actual Bronx voters with purposely misspelled addresses placed on forms without their consent and added once the ink of these phony signatures had time to dry in private backroom office, according to a class action lawsuit filed in federal court Aug. 15, 2016.

The reason for the bogus Bronx County Committee members is to have authoritarian control over delegates who pick judges and endorses candidates.  In the event an elective office becomes vacant in a seat that covers part of the Bronx, the county committee members representing that area can arbitrarily select a Democratic nominee to replace the former incumbent.  

This fraud allows the Bronx political machine to have perpetual control and power over our lives, resources and the racial identity of those who govern us.  This is downright undemocratic, unethical and illegal.

It's the ultimate identity theft scheme that looks good to the NYC Board of Elections on paper. Without anyone to object, the fraud does not have to pass any smell test.  But before all of this corruption occurs, honest residents seeking a legitimate right to pursue elective office will be met with fierce opposition from one of the remaining political family dynasties left, namely the Diazes.  

The pretentious, cowboy hat wearing, so-called minister and New York State Senator, the Rev. Rubén Diaz, Sr., who currently represents the 32nd Senatorial District and his egotistical and overemphasized son, the current Bronx Borough President Rubén Diaz, Jr., both hold seats of power. They reign terror over local Bronx politics, government funded resources, the Bronx Board of Elections and party positions as if it is their own personal fiefdom and piggy bank, whereas the father and son duo control various political districts as little monarchies. 

Under their political reign, they control the following electoral districts: 32nd Senatorial District, 86th, 87th and 85th Assembly Districts and adjoining Female and Male District Leadership positions respectively, 17th and 18th City Council Districts, and State Committee Democratic Party positions per respective electoral districts as well.

In a New York Times article written by Jonathan P. Hicks on November 4, 2002 entitled, In a Strange Bronx Battle, Even Republican Is Democratic, Mr. Hicks uncovered a long ago feud between Rev. Ruben Diaz, 59, when he was the councilman for the 18th City Council District and Pedro Espada, Jr., 48, when he was the incumbent State Senator of the 32nd Senatorial District in 2002, who then at the time was branded by Councilman Diaz as a "sellout" for befriending the Republican Party.

Incumbent State Senator Espada, Jr. shot back and called Councilman Diaz a “drug dealer,” a reference to an incident in which Mr. Diaz pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of drug possession in 1965, when he was 23.  "The Brooklyn district attorney's office initially told the Daily News that Diaz was indicted and convicted for sale of heroin. Diaz struck a plea deal to avoid jail time and received three years' probation…

"The district attorney's office later corrected the information it gave The News. "He was convicted of attempted sale of heroin," said Brooklyn District Attorney spokesman Jerry Schmetterer, "which is a misdemeanor.

"A copy of the case records from the district attorney's office lists the offense as "sale of heroin," though it specifies a section of the penal code that covers attempted sales. The police affidavit states Diaz was arrested in possession of six bags of marijuana, 12 bags of heroin and two scales,” in an article written by Bill Egbert in the New York Daily News on October 16, 2002.

Senator Rev. Diaz, Sr. past is ironic because he is now known to be first to lay down in bed with the Republican Party at any chance he gets.   He is the quintessential Bronx bedfellow allowing himself to be tossed around from one Republican to the next for selfish gain and is viewed as a sellout by the very constituency that he makes no fuss at disenfranchising.  

Senator Rev. Diaz, Sr's conservative buffoonery, self-aggrandizement and habitual grandstanding seems to demonstrate that he has sold his soul to the devil. Even stranger, Senator Rev. Diaz, Sr. just announced that he wants to become the next City Councilman for District 18, his former seat, after incumbent Annabel Palma terms ends, or if she suddenly steps down for personal reasons, like District 17's former Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo did, forcing a Special Election.  This political roadblock was predicted and announced by Moore at a Kwanzaa event held in Parkchester in December 2015.  

Moore actually believes that Diaz's so-called planned run for District 18's City Council seat will be to serve not the people of the district, but to only serve as a place holder for the seat in order to pass it off to one of his cronies in a self-inflected Special Election scheme.  Moore believes Diaz will select William Rivera, former Campaign Manager of Luis Sepulveda, who he helped get elected Assemblyman for District 87 in 2013.  Rivera was also selected by the Diazes to become the current District Manager for Community Board 9, replacing former CB 9 district manager Francisco Gonzalez, who served more than two decades. It is rumored that Senator Daiz is eyeing the Garifuna community to help him raise money to fund this farce.

This is just another desperate attempt by the Diazes and the Bronx Democratic machine to make mockery of so-called democracy in The Bronx and prevent the community from selecting and electing a Black, Puerto Rican or Bengali representative to lead New York City Council District 18 independently. Whatever scheme is concocted by the Daizes and the Bronx machine, Senator Rev. Diaz remains a self-consumed opportunist, who is ready, willing and able lead the 18th Councilmanic District astray, while using the 32nd Senatorial District as a stellar example of defunct or inept leadership. 

Senator Rev. Diaz, Sr.’s past demons as a street-smart young adult hustler suggest that he has not been reformed by God and has only used his conversion to the Pentecostal religion as a mere cover to transfer his ruthless ways as street thug into the world of politics in an effort to reinvent himself and graft any shady misdeeds with his son.

The political careers of the Daizes, according to published reports, have been tainted and saddled with lies, voter suppression, constituency disenfranchisement and broken promises.  Under Senator Rubén Diaz, Sr.’s watch, his former campaign treasurer and long-time financial executive for a church-related charity heavily supported with state grants arranged by Senator Diaz Sr. was charged with stealing more than $75,000 to as much as $400,000, from the Christian Community Benevolent Association, a charity that was founded by the senator and is affiliated with a church led by Diaz, according to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office.

And while the Rev. Senator "Diaz has been obsessed with making marriage between "one man and one woman" at least since Governors Eliot Spitzer and David Paterson took on the issue in earnest.  But for all of his talk of matrimonial fidelity, Diaz himself is not married to the mother of his three children. Didionilda Diaz (Vega) is the mother of Diaz’s three children, all of whom work in city government: former Assemblyman and current Bronx Borough President Rubén Diaz Jr.; NYPD Sergeant Damaris Diaz Kiely; and New York City Housing Authority employee Samuel Diaz.

"Divorce records are not public, but the New York State Unified Court System shows that Didionilda appeared in court in the Bronx on July 17, 1992, as the plaintiff against defendant Rubén Diaz. The senator is currently on his second marriage, to Leslie Yvette Diaz.  Multiple investigations into the alleged misconduct at two nonprofit businesses, meanwhile, provide some insight into Diaz’s overlapping relationship with both his current and his ex-wife, both of whom were on his payroll simultaneously.

"Soundview Community in Action is at the center of this strange family intersection: It's a nonprofit whose aim was to bring small-business and computer resources to the Soundview neighborhood, one of the poorest sections of the Bronx.

"In reality, multiple Soundview employees alleged, it was the personal patronage piggy bank of the Diaz family. At its height, according to press reports, its $1.3 million annual budget was reportedly funded in large part by state grants obtained by then-Assemblyman Rubén Diaz Jr., while Senior was the CEO (at $65,000 a year), and Didionilda was a consultant ($16,000 a year). Diaz’s current wife, Leslie, became the CEO when Senior stepped down to become a state senator,” according to the Village Voice in an article entitled Diaz Family Values written by Steven Thrasher on June 22, 2011.

Since the Diazes have been in office, they have not been challenged or investigated by New York City Board of Elections to run a fair campaign in Bronx County, despite that the FBI served a subpoena on the Bronx office of the city Board of Elections and seized documents about the Diazes in 2007, according to published reports.

While flying under any prosecutorial radar, the Diazes have been on a mission to hoard power by doing everything imaginable to win races from all opposing candidates.  They do the same to protect the races of cronies they select to get elected against the will of democratic Bronx voters.  They practice and preach only cronyism poli-tricks in campaigns backed by the Bronx County Democratic Organization, now headed by de facto machine chairman and Assemblyman Marcos A. Crespo. 

To the Diazes credit, they have created a powerful megawatt empire of an unholy alliance. Their political pyramid now represents the new five amigos in the room of power, greed and deception:  Rev. Rubén Diaz, Sr., Rubén Diaz, Jr., Councilman Rafael Salamanca, Jr., Assemblymen Marcos A. Crespo and Luis Sepulveda. To maintain this political supremacy, Moore believes Senator Rev. Diaz's ultimate goal is to run Assemblyman Crespo for Bronx Borough President to replace his term-limited son: Rubén Diaz,Jr. who now wants to become Mayor of New York City.

Just last year in 2016 during the New York City Council race for 17th District, Rafael Salamanca, Jr., a handpicked crony by the Daizes, illegally railroaded another Hispanic off the ballot named Joseph Cepeda in an extreme effort to not afford the Hispanic community a different Hispanic choice altogether.  The bottom line with the Diazes is this:  Black and Hispanic candidates not selected by the them are targeted, fought in court until they are broke and neutralized.  Period!  This is not democracy.  This is totalitarian voter suppression and oppression at its best by ruthless career politicians.  

If the Black and Latino community remains silent during these political backroom deals, Moore also believes Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda will be rewarded the chairmanship position for the Bronx Democratic County machine, instead of 79th Assembly District's Assemblyman Michael Blake, when Assemblyman Crespo seeks higher office.

Their Con Game is to prevent the rise of political "Messiahs" or leaders, who are viable candidates with the potential to electrify and win elections by awakening the sleeping silent majority of electorates feed up and tired of the Diazes' bull.  You would expect this brand of corruption from dictators in third-world countries or from any place where there are corrupt politicians, but not on the soil of the United States of America.

The Diazes strongly believe that it is best to run a campaign unopposed rather face a legitimate challenge from the community.  The Diazes are against allowing the community to nominate alternative viable candidates for Bronx voters to consider.  It has been over a decade and their record have not been scrutinized or the lack thereof because they are career politicians, nothing more and nothing less.

It is time to take a serious hard look into the state of affairs surrounding Bronx Politics and shakeup the corruption.  The Bronx County Democratic machine and their elected henchmen in Bronx County have perfected their manipulation and control over city, state and federal party positions and government resources through the use of mob-styled lawyers.

Fiscal budgets, capital funds and development funded projects for Bronx County all have been compromised by cooking the books and rigging every election from the inside and out to protect pet projects, plain and simple.

This is why it critically important for dishonest elected officials to get elected every two (2) years and every four years (4) especially if Term-Limit Laws are off the table.  Currently, New York State legislators are not subjected to term-limits laws and can continue to seek reelection indefinitely at the end of their term.  Their goal is to amass power, fame, campaign donations and government resources by any means necessary.

This trickery is done to deter you from thinking about running and getting elected to office legitimately.  Most important, electoral politics in Bronx County has simmered into a boiling pot of corruption, nepotism, cronyism, voter fraud and misappropriation of not-for-profit funds.  Above all, the Diazes have failed our community.

They have not secured enough small business loans for new and promising entrepreneurs, protected the survival of struggling mom and pop businesses, offered any new development bids to minority Bronx contractors and presented solutions to keep The Bronx sustainable and affordable to rent and own.  They simply have given developers a backroom green light to build in an already overcrowded neighborhood with no parking and poor public transportation.

We can agree that it is time to remove these crooked politicians out of office and restore integrity of the electoral process and redistribute the wealth and power back to The Bronx where it rightfully belongs and is desperately needed.

Cronies backed by the Bronx's machine popup overnight like weeds in your garden.  Marcos A. Crespo, Luis Sepulveda and Victor M. Pichardo are the benefactors, as well as several Bronx Community Boards who are backed by the Diazes.

State Senator Diaz, Sr. and his son enjoy their roles as king-makers in The Bronx by promoting so-called “community leaders” well in advance of an impending election before the public.  Assemblymen’s Marco A. Crespo, District 85 and Luis Sepulveda, District 87 and newly elected New City Councilman Rafael Salamanca Jr., District 17, are all benefactors of Senator Diaz’s unethical scheme to use state-funded mass mailings and publicity to profile and promote his protégés on the taxpayer’s dime. 

The Peruvian-breed Crespo, once a Special Assistant to Rev. Rubén Diaz, Sr. was recruited from Queens and selected to run in a special election in 2009, where he won by a meager 1,300 votes cast by inside party loyalists without the backing of the community. They literally could run the name "Mickey Mouse" in a special election and "Mickey Mouse" would win over several well-known opposing candidates.

For years, Crespo would enjoy a reign of uncontested and unchallenged races, as if the community was pleased with his leadership.  Nothing could be more farther from the truth. Sadly, most Bronx voters have been turned off from going to the polls to cast their votes in local races because they are sick-of-being sick and tired of seeing the same faces get elected. The new five amigos bank on voter apathy and actively conduct voter suppression tactics to remain in office.

Out of 60,000 registered democratic voters, most democratic races are determined by 3,000 to 5,000 votes.  In short, many voters have decided to only turn out in large numbers for the presidential, gubernatorial and mayoral elections because at least they could have a choice.

When William Russell Moore ran against Assemblyman Marco A. Crespo in 2014, most voters that would have typically remained at home came out to vote for Moore in record numbers.  Moore's base of supporters varied from Blacks, Puerto Ricans, Africans and Dominicans to seniors, renters, homeowners, veterans, registered youth voters, professionals and local business owners.  

Prior to landing a spot on the democratic ballot as a candidate, Moore joined forces with a Puerto Rican Senatorial Candidate named Elliot Quinones, who was running against State Senator Diaz, Sr. for the 32nd Senatorial District in 2014. Crespo and Diaz, Sr. power-played to have Quinones's name removed from off the democratic ballot.  This allowed Diaz to run unopposed, thus forcing Moore to campaign alone without a high profile, Puerto Rican Senatorial candidate running beside him.  This hindered Moore’s campaign because Moore wanted to show the solidarity and diversity that existed between him and the Latino Community.

Crespo used an aide in his office named Yiana Munoz-Justo to challenge the democratic petitions filed by Moore and Quinones. Ms. Munoz-Justo, who was represented by the Bronx County machine's lawyer, Stanley K. Schlein, used a bogus address on court documents, which prevented her from ever being served. Unable to serve court papers to Ms. Munoz-Justo, operatives appointed in the Bronx Board of Elections by the Bronx County machine, who are responsible for auditing valid signatures, purposely stole over 400 valid signatures during a hearing, from Moore’s Democratic petitions to remove Quinones's name from off the ballot. 

The stolen signatures benefited the holy man himself, State Senator Rubén Diaz, Sr. and his favorite protégé, Assemblyman Marcos A. Crespo, the future Chairman of the Bronx Democratic Party Organization.

These criminal shenanigans allowed the Senator Rev. Rubén Diaz, Sr. to run unopposed and unchallenged where he felt empowered to endorse and urge his supporters to vote for Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino against incumbent Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo.

This fraud perpetrated by the Bronx Board of Elections also gave Marcos A. Crespo the edge and means he needed to disenfranchise the innocent voters of The Bronx to win against Moore.

Winning fair and square is what The Bronx should be about.  This is what we preach to our children in the classrooms of excellence.  Equality for ALL is not only a national problem it is a Bronx problem.  The Bronx is now on fire again, but this time the blaze was not set by unscrupulous landlords looking to cash-out from insurance companies, it is being set by crooked career politicians looking to profiteer from your vote indefinitely. 

The Bronx is a racially, ethnically and a culturally diverse borough.  The Bronx should not be ruled predominately by roughly four Bronx families, ie:  the Serranos, the Diazes, the Arroyos and the Riveras.

“There are four prominent "families" in the Bronx: the Serranos (José, U.S. Representative, and José Jr., State Senator); the Diazes (Ruben Sr., State Senator; Ruben Jr., Bronx beep), the Arroyos (Carmen, State Assemblywoman, and Maria del Carmen, City Council) and the Riveras (José, State Assembly; Joel, City Council and Naomi, who recently lost an Assembly re-election bid).  Among other things, Falcón discloses that of the 16 Latino elected officials in the Bronx, nine are related—an astonishing 56 percent, belying comparisons with other political families in the U.S.," according to the in an article entitled Beyond The Family: Latino Power at a Crossroads written by Ed Morales on November 30, 2012.

Senator Rev. Rubén Diaz, Sr's, who remains an aging superpower in Bronx County, wrote an infamous and racist rant against several Black candidates in 2016 because they fearlessly challenged the corrupt plantation politics of Bronx County.  In his racist rant, Diaz Sr. wants Black people to understand that their place in politics is at the back of the bus in a borough that's so-called predominately Hispanic. The stand your ground warning shots that Senator Rev. Rubén Diaz, Sr. is firing at Black leadership in The Bronx says:

"You Negroes (Ni@@ers) better know your place in The Bronx, we amigos are your new political Slave Massa (Masters) in Bronx Politics and you will never get elected over us!"

Senator Rev. Rubén Diaz, Sr. wrote the following WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW last year referencing the Democratic Primary on September 13, 2016, whereas he stated the following:

"It was noble how Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr., Bronx Democratic Party Chair Marcos Crespo, and the Bronx Hispanic leadership did not promote, support nor encourage other Hispanics to challenge any African America incumbents in the Democratic Primary. This is especially noteworthy since there are African American incumbents who represent Bronx districts where the majority of residents are, in fact, Hispanic.

"Bravo to Rubencito, Marcos, and the Hispanic Leadership here in Bronx County in their quest for unity! You should know that it is a concern that many Hispanic incumbents were challenged by African American and non-Hispanic insurgents.

"For example, the Chairman of the Bronx Democratic Party, Assemblyman Marcos Crespo was challenged by Mr. William Moore; Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda was challenged by Ms. Pamela Stewart; Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo was challenged by Mr. Jackson Strong; and New York City Councilman Rafael Salamanca was challenged by Ms. Helen Hines.

"Even though all of the Bronx incumbents kept their seats – Marcos Crespo won with 76% of the vote; Luis Sepulveda won with 75% of the vote; Carmen Arroyo won with 67% of the vote; and Rafael Salamanca won with 62% of the vote – there is still reason to be concerned because Hispanic incumbents were subjected to unnecessary spending of resources and energy.

"My dear reader, you and I know that we live in the United States of America, where everyone has the right to aspire to elected office, and where no one can be prevented from running for any position of their choice. It is most important to cherish our freedoms, and never strive to prevent another person from running for elected office because of race, gender, religion, nationality, or sexual preference.

"America is the country of freedom, but in our quest for unity among different ethnic groups, what the Bronx Hispanic Democratic leadership did by not challenging any African American incumbents has to be recognized.
I would hate to see, in the future, if any members of our Hispanic leadership would join forces to target African American incumbents the way it appears that Hispanics were challenged in this past primary.

"If that were to happen, it cannot be called racism, discrimination nor anything else, because it is the freedom we have here in America."

As you just read, The Bronx is in need of a serious political rebirth and election reforms that carry term-limits for all New York State legislators.  Its rebirth MUST be inclusive of ALL groups of people who reside, work, raise families and contribute to The Bronx.  Politicians who represent the premise of a "One Bronx" model must reflect and represent the races, ethnicity and cultures of all Bronx residents equally.  No politician should present, grant or sanction legislation, policy, and procedures which is inclusive of some and excludes others.  

This is not the Bronx that we all know and this should not be tolerated.  Why does the Rev. Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. and the Bronx Borough President say they love the people of The Bronx and allow their administration’s to use favoritism, nepotism, and cronyism in granting opportunities to the people they choose?  All Bronxites, including Black people deserve equal and fair representation and treatment.  The time for change is now.  It is time we kick the crooks out of office and clean up the mess that they have created. Knowledge is power and this is what you should know.  Hotep!


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