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Greetings family and welcome to my second run for the New York City Council for District 18 in Bronx County. To all my new supporters just learning about me, my name is William Russell Moore and I am a resident of this community, a fighter and a proud father of two teenagers, who both attend high school in Bronx County. It gives me great pleasure to run for an open seat to represent Shorehaven, Parkchester, Bronx River, Soundview, Castle Hill, Clason Point and the Harding Park section of The Bronx.

I am not a stranger to our community and its body politics. My goal is to improve the Bronx democratic party so that the people of our district will have a choice to elect better candidates. I am a stakeholder just like you in a Bronx that should be fiscally smart to produce a healthy borough, where our right to raise healthy families, safeguard our schools and grow strong communities and businesses, will not be sacrificed by greed or socioeconomic exploitation.  

My candidacy is to offer you leadership in the district on issues that concern you the most, and work with you to resolve these issues timely. My goal is to save our community from the political subversion of our Bronx Democracy and to stand against any onslaught of police brutality, poverty, despair, homelessness, gentrification, unemployment and the lack of high income job opportunities.

It is my deepest contention that the social, economic and political ills we face in District 18 as one family, whether you are Black, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Bengali, Garifuna, African, Haitian, etc. is because of the inept and ineffective leadership produced by the Bronx Democratic County Organization that has given us State Senator Ruben Daiz, Sr. (32nd S.D.), Assemblyman Luis Supevelda (87th A.D.) and County Leader and Assemblyman Marcos Crespo (85th A. D.) as our so-called leaders just to name a few.

In March 2017, The Bronx scored the highest Unemployment Rate by County of Residence in New York City with an index of 5.7 percent according to the New York State Department of Labor. The median household income in Bronx County floats at an embarrassing $34,299.00, which is not enough income to raise a family. 

This means many of us in our district will be in trouble in this borough when gentrification takes full effect.  Not one of our local politicians is sounding the alarm that it’s time for The Bronx to produce jobs to raise the median household income level from $30K to $60K. Higher household incomes will help to sustain Bronx families from being displaced by a strategic market rate rent hike by developers and unscrupulous landlords, who own and build properties in our districts.

I feel the pains of a troubled local economy too.  Things are changing too fast in our community because greedy developers are manipulating our current politicians to sell us out. The game is to make your rents climb through the roof via Major Capital Improvements (MCIs) to the point where you are now thinking about leaving The Bronx altogether.  

This is a crying shame and downright despicable.  When The Bronx was burning from arson fires set by shady landlords, we were here.  We stayed to make The Bronx what it is today, the greatest place to raise our families and call our home. Whether we live in a NYCHA housing development, a home, a walk-up apartment or a high-rise building, The Bronx is home to millions of ethnic communities.

It is time we come together as one, whether you are Black, Puerto Rican, White, Dominican, Bengali, Garifuna, African, Haitian, low income, middle income or just plain broke, I need your vote to fight for you in the New York City Council.  We have over 60,000 registered voters in the 18th City Council District alone and I need your votes to win.

I predict that there are going to be a crowded field of candidates and I know the Daizes are ready to pit a Black candidate against me to siphon votes away from my Democratic base of supporters.

You must not give up easily.   You can help me by recruiting supporters to my campaign to help me win this seat for the community. 

Welcome again to my website and please support my campaign to save our community from the claws of privatization and gentrification.  The secret goal is to remove and replace us from this community, plain and simple. Just look how Blacks and Latinos are being pushed and priced out of Harlem and you will understand.

We need a political revolution to reform the corruption in The Bronx so that the interest of the community will be addressed.

We do not need real estate developers and Corporate America to control our politicians in an effort to ship jobs and resource out of our community.  Rise up and join this political revolution to save our community and please vote as if it was your last!!!

For now, I would like you to buckle up and hold on to your seat because it is going to be an interesting campaign, fighting for real progressive changes that our community needs and deserve.  

Please support and donate to MOORE 2017. Again, thank you for your continued support. Your voice will be heard and I will fight to preserve and protect your rights and concerns in the City Council!  You can contact my campaign at (718) 409 - 4504 or email me at


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